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Helping people who lead teams to lead themselves.

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As the founder, President & CEO of a private career college, John has been on a journey of self-leadership for a number of years and is ready to share what he has learned. This dynamic workshop is intended for all people leaders- at the executive, middle management or even self-employed level. Self-leadership can be delivered online, or in person. The workshop can be delivered in a keynote/one hour version, three hours or full day based on the needs of your organization.



Leadership is the ability to inspire, motivate and support others.

Leaders get promoted into their positions for lots of different reasons. We know that leading isn’t about title or position, but rather the ability to inspire, motivate and support others. John takes things one step further back still, in his discussion of self-leadership.

By taking the time to understand our own beliefs and feelings as a leader, we become more effective in how we support others. Next, by understanding the things that we can control or influence, versus the things we can’t, our strategic abilities increase powerfully. Join John in this dynamic discussion of self-leadership and support your team in their professional development.

More About The Workshop

Taking a step back from the phrase, “Leadership isn’t about title or position”, we go further still to consider that “people need to know how to lead themselves, before they can truly lead others”. Not to worry- we don’t mean that you can’t be a leader anymore- leadership is a dynamic process where we learn on a daily basis.

In this highly interactive and dynamic workshop, John helps leaders explore their thoughts, beliefs and feelings about leadership. He also helps people understand the things that we have control over, vs the things that we simply have influence over. Participants will work away with an enhanced understanding of what they need to do to ramp up their leadership journey- and the people in their lives will see the difference.

John Jackson Workshop
John Jackson

About the speaker

Originally from Australia, John pursued a bachelor of psychiatric nursing in Canada followed closely by a Master’s degree in his field. As he gained experience working in both public and private health care settings, he took time to reflect on how leaders need to understand themselves best before they are in an effective position to support others. As a scrappy entrepreneur John continues to pursue new opportunities to lead him to his position today in educational leadership. Without a constant vigilance about his own thoughts, beliefs and feelings in business John would be held back from pursuing excellence and being able to support those in his community. Self-leadership is the key.

John Jackson is a seasoned consultant to organizations in both social services and corporate spaces. He has provided organizational learning services to dozens of clients in Canada and the United States. Clients choose John based on his charismatic presentation style, ability to engage with participants, and succinct manner of encapsulating the needs of groups.


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