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Ongoing Expansion of Vocational Programs Signals Continued Growth for Western Canada’s Newest Private Career College Brand

Western Canada’s newest private career college brand recently unveiled their new School of Health with an inaugural Medical Unit Clerk Program. Based in Brandon, MB, LINKS Institute was initially registered as an online private vocational school, and recently opened an in-person training facility. The career college started in 2021 with one community support worker: mental health program. “The addition of a medical unit clerk program sees us welcome a School of Health to our organization”, says Jackson, President & CEO of LINKS Institute. “Alongside our School of Social Services, this initiative is consistent with our growth and ambitious vision of creating an iconic brand in Western Canada”.

Jackson says that the Medical Unit Clerk role is in high demand in Manitoba and beyond as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. “We know the strain that the COVID-19 pandemic placed on health care providers, and medical unit clerks/receptionists are no exception. These professionals are often the first person a patient makes contact with and they serve a pivotal role in our health care system.”

The addition of a medical unit clerk program sees us welcome a School of Health to our organization

– John Jackson

John Jackson
John Jackson, President & CEO

As with LINKS’ School of Social Services, the Medical Unit Clerk program will be offered both online, and in-person to students who prefer a physical learning environment. “The beauty of our program is that our instructors are experts in their field, students can study either in-person or online, and our programs are designed in such a way that students can get working much quicker than with traditional learning programs”, says Jackson.

The ongoing addition of new programs by LINKS Institute is consistent with a recent announcement by the organization indicating an equity partnership between local Brandon entrepreneur and former NetSet Communications co-founder Tami-Rae Rourke. “We see an opportunity to continue to expand our organization in rural and remote parts of Canada, while focusing on grassroots values and relationships”, says Jackson. “Through working hard with a focus on doing good, we intend to establish an educational brand which aligns with the needs of the community”.

LINKS Institute currently offers 4 programs between the School of Health and School of Social Services, and will be expanding its offerings to include business, technology and other fields. It also provides organizational learning and development to health and social services across Canada. All inquiries should be directed to John Jackson.