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How does the government decide what sort of mental health programs should exist in Canada? If private companies operate mental health services, will that lower the qualilty of those services that are available? Knowledge is power. Support workers should understand the way decisions are made in the health care system, and how policies can be influenced by everyone who has an interest in those issues.

Course Overview

Students will be introduced to the basic concepts involved in the Canadian Health Care System, including the organization of health care delivery in Canada and the policies that help to create it. Key concepts will include the way Canadians access healthcare, what type of healthcare services are available, and the reasons why this understanding is important to support workers in the community.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss the healthcare system in Canada
  • Discuss the healthcare system in Manitoba
  • Understand the way health care policies affect the provision of services
  • Discuss healthcare reform in Canada
  • Discuss healthcare reform in Manitoba
  • Discuss the role of support workers in the healthcare system