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Typical western approaches to health care might not match the needs of Indigenous people. Support workers must understand the interplay between Indigenous approaches to health and western ones. The impact of colonization, the residential school system and other ongoing intergenerational traumas are important to understand in the context of health seeking behaviours for Indigenous people.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss different first nation & Indigenous groups in Manitoba
  • Understand the impact of colonization on first nation & Indigenous people
  • Understand cultural competency, sensitivity and safety
  • Discuss mental health among Indigenous peoples
  • Compare Indigenous and Western approaches to knowledge
  • Understand Indigenous health issues

Course Overview

Students will be introduced to the basic concepts involved in Indigenous Health including major issues and how Indigenous populations might improve their overall health. Key concepts will include a basic understanding of Indigenous health, factors that may affect Indigenous health, and how students can assist Indigenous people to enhance their health as a support worker.