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Community Support Worker Job Opportunities

What kind of jobs can I get with a Community Support Worker certificate from LINKS Institute?

We’re often asked this question: and it’s an important one. If you’re going to make the commitment to further your education, you want to make sure that the program is going to make you eligible for specific jobs in specific fields. The purpose of this article is to help you understand what kind of employment LINKS Institute CSW: mental health, harm reduction, and the mental wellness and harm reduction worker diploma will prepare you for. If you still have questions after reading the article, contact us for more details!

What is Community Support Worker in Manitoba?

Community support workers are professionals who provide direct services to individuals living with mental health, substance use or other related life conditions. The term community support worker fits under the national occupation classification code, 4212: Community and Social Service Workers. According to the federal government’s classification of these roles, “Social and community service workers administer and implement a variety of social assistance programs and community services, and assist clients to deal with personal and social problems. They are employed by social service and government agencies, mental health agencies, group homes, shelters, substance abuse centres, school boards, correctional facilities and other establishments.” (Statistics Canada, 2022). This means that you will find opportunities for employment as a community support worker in a wide variety of settings. We will explain more about the types of job opportunities available, next.

What are the specific jobs I might get?

As we just learned, the term community and social service worker is an umbrella category under which we find many types of jobs. Here are a few of them, and if you would like to learn more, check out the list at the end of the article: mental health support worker, mental health worker, addiction worker, shelter support worker, crisis worker, and more.

What does a community support worker do?

As you may have guessed, CSW’s support people living with mental health, substance use or related life challenges with their individualized needs. This may include supporting people through a mental health crisis, assisting people in their plan of recovery from substance use, or helping people to develop the life skills they need to be successful. The key aspects of the role of a CSW include being able to be present for the clients they serve, have good active listening skills, and a broad general knowledge of the types of life problems their clients might be experiencing.

Why should I choose LINKS Institute to become a Community Support Worker?

As a prospective student, you have many options available for your learning needs, at both the career college and university level. Since you’re thinking about your options, let us explain why we believe LINKS Institute will provide you with an advantage with these three points: online learning, shorter delivery time, and professional instructors.


The unpredictable nature of the COVID-19 pandemic may be a reason for considering online learning, but we like to discuss other benefits such as the convenience of staying home and saving time, not coming to campus. Not online is online learning COVID safe, it is flexible for your lifestyle.

Shorter delivery time:

Our educational offerings can be completed in as short as 6 months, compared to one or two years. Don’t be confused: our programs are no less difficult than what you might find elsewhere, it just means that our programs are more intensive. The upside to this? You can get job ready way faster.

Professional instructors:

While all private vocational institutes in Manitoba must ensure their instructors are experts in their field, LINKS Institute goes the extra-mile- we insist that our instructors have a minimum of a master’s degree in a related field, and often our instructors are PhD’s (doctors) in their related fields.

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A full list of the types of positions available as a community support worker

  • Aboriginal outreach worker
  • addictions worker
  • case aide – social services
  • certified return-to-work co-ordinator – disability management
  • child and youth worker
  • child welfare worker
  • coach, life skills
  • community and social services worker
  • community centre co-ordinator
  • community counsellor – social services
  • community development worker
  • community liaison worker
  • community mental health worker
  • community rehabilitation worker
  • community service worker
  • community worker
  • co-ordinator, youth development
  • crisis intervention worker
  • development service worker
  • developmental service worker
  • disability management worker
  • drop-in centre worker
  • drug addiction worker
  • eligibility co-ordinator – social assistance
  • field officer, veterans’ affairs
  • group home operator
  • group home worker
  • halfway house supervisor
  • halfway house worker
  • help centre supervisor – social services
  • hostel co-ordinator
  • hostel outreach worker
  • income maintenance officer – social services
  • independent living instructor
  • instructor, life skills
  • intellectual disabilities worker
  • Itinerant support service worker
  • life skills coach
  • life skills instructor
  • meals-on-wheels worker
  • mental health proctor
  • mental health support worker
  • mental health worker
  • Native centre co-ordinator
  • Native community worker
  • Native outreach officer – social services
  • Native outreach worker
  • neighbourhood worker – social services
  • officer, Native outreach – social services
  • peer support worker
  • personal skills development instructor – social services
  • proctor, mental health
  • psychological assistant
  • registered social service worker
  • rehabilitation officer – social services
  • rehabilitation service worker
  • rehabilitation worker – social services
  • residence co-ordinator – group home
  • residential counsellor – group home
  • return-to-work co-ordinator – disability management
  • return-to-work facilitator – disability management
  • settlement worker – community services
  • shelter supervisor – social services
  • shelter workshop supervisor
  • social aid officer
  • social animator
  • social assistance officer
  • social rehabilitation officer
  • social rehabilitation technician
  • social rehabilitation worker
  • social services assistant
  • social services volunteer co-ordinator
  • social services worker
  • social welfare officer
  • special education technician – social and community services
  • street outreach worker
  • streetworker – social services
  • substance abuse worker
  • supervised access worker
  • supervisor, halfway house
  • supervisor, women’s centre – social services
  • supervisor, women’s shelter – social services
  • transition home worker – social services
  • transition house worker – social services
  • veteran services officer
  • veterans’ affairs field officer
  • volunteer co-ordinator, social services
  • welfare and compensation officer
  • welfare organization supervisor
  • welfare worker
  • women’s centre co-ordinator – social services
  • women’s centre program supervisor – social services
  • women’s shelter supervisor
  • youth development co-ordinator
  • youth hostel co-ordinator
  • youth services worker
  • youth worker
  • youth worker – social services